The Reality Of Making Money With GSA Website Contact

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PBWeURLIf you’ve been looking for new, approaches to do direct marketing or perhaps you are an affiliate marketer we’re looking to get into affiliate, marketing, then, more than likely you may have come across videos on YouTube about GSA website contact.


GSA website contact is a highly specialized software that is capable of filling out contact forms on websites. It cannot only fill out forms, but you can also crawl for  websites by keyword, and across different search engine platforms around the world.


GSA Website Contact for Affiliate Marketing


These days on YouTube, you can find every get rich quick scheme and there’s no shortage of ones that referred to GSA website contact for affiliate marketing, however these claims are often misleading and misrepresentative of true results of the type of products. They seem to imply, can be vastly successful. To be frank, the so-called “make $1000 a day “sales pitch is rubbish! 


GSA website contact is unlike bulk email in that the recipient of a website's contact form is going to actually see your message. That means you’re not going to be marketing diet products, bitcoin, or some other offhand affiliate product. affiliate products that are acceptable for this approach need to be of the highest quality and have a broad appeal to website owners. 


Services like SEO, AI, SaaS management services, or any other type of product, service or software that can bring value to a website, since this is the door you are knocking on. You’re not going to sell motor oil to a pet store, so you’ve got to have a compatible product that has broad appeal and brings value to the recipient.


Why is GSA website context still fantastic approach to marketing?


GSA isn’t just suitable for affiliate marketing approaches, but really shines when utilized in a more direct business to business approach. GSA can actually target and crawl for sites that are related to the service they’re offering. Of course, there’s more than one approach to acquiring the website contact forms.


GSA Internal Website Scraper


They can be crawled by keyword, location, and search engine platforms around the world, checking and verifying contact form URL locations.




Scrape box is another software solution that is more powerful than the built-in feature, provided by GSA, and can really enhance list building. However, list building is a science, and takes considerable time and ability to know how to clean and manipulate the lists.


Affiliate Marketing Lists


This can be purchased from sources like here at dark marketing, and they provide a good basis for solid affiliate, marketing products, and any website service that would be intriguing to website owners/businesses.


Targeted B2B Lists


Target lists Purchased of specific business types, however, this can also be difficult at times as many services that provide data do not actually supply the contact form address and even when they do those need to be verified for compatibility.


GSA Website Contact Requirements


Captcha Breaker Softwares


GSA website contact is purchased with a lifetime license at $97 and it’s a good idea to include GSA captcha breaker for an additional $92.


XEvil by Bot master labs is the king of the captcha breaking softwares and will run you $59, also a lifetime license, however, they require a $10 monthly licensing fee whether you have the smallest license or up to a business license, which allows you to operate five copies of each of their products, but it is XEvil that we need for GSA.




Third-party proxies are critical to making these software function they run at high speeds and will be making multiple requests and proxy IP addresses allow the software to use an individual IP address for each attempt.


It is recommended to use separate proxies both for GSA and X evil.


For larger affiliate runs on a single system, it’s best to get HTTP proxies for GSA and separate IPV six proxies for X evil. 


Currently, we recommend proxy for HTTP proxies and currently they offer the best pricing at 1000 proxies for just $24 a month.


IPv6 proxies can be purchased from and they offer one of the most reliable and cost-effective proxy services for IPV six which are utilized by X evil. Using IPV six is better when using X evil as they have a higher success rate versus short term bannings with HTTP proxies. Called proxy IPV six proxies minimal package will run you $70 per month.


It’s important to note that if you’re just going to be running small campaigns, based on scraping or using targeted databases, which tend to be much smaller in quantity, you can split up a package from proxy and use 500 proxies for GSA and 500 proxies for XEvil.


Verified Contact Form Lists


On average a list of websites for contact forms for general affiliate marketing will send you back $100 per million per month. It’s important to make sure that you acquire a quality source with a high success rate from their list. You also want unique lists month-to-month and not list that have recurring sites or you’ll find yourself offending people with constant submissions.


And if you don’t have scrape box to manage your list and learn the ins and outs of how to do comparisons and maintain a master list of previous submissions, you’re bound to get into trouble, and again have low success rates.


It’s important to be wary of buying lists and high quantity from unreliable sources and on forums. We frequently purchased lists just to examine the quality and be able to forewarn our members against purchasing them as they tend to have extremely low success rates and high quantities of duplicates.


Can I really make money with GSA website contact?


Absolutely! But it’s important to remember that you’re not going to be doing it with low level, affiliate products, the type of products that you find on digital store 24 or Clickbank, and that’s because these sources are drained to the limit by people that use this software for the wrong purposes, and those products are jammed at people to every other type of social media.


Website owners are simply not interested in spam mail type related products. Remember, we’re filling out their contact form, and that means that the results can transfer to an email generally that someone who monitors it, receives. That user is going to see the subject as opposed to his email, which is filtering out most of his spam, he needs to see something that gets his attention. Fulfills I need. A need that is related to his website or business model that is going to benefit him and not be interpreted as spam.


This approaches excellent if you’re marketing your own products or services, where you make the full of any sale, but even if you’re taking an affiliate approach, it needs to be a solid service, and there are many new SaaS sites that are still struggling to appear in Google search results because they’re brand new.


Currently, there’s no shortage of new startups, especially with the advent of ChatGPT, because this is provided a platform to offer a variety of AI oriented services to website owners.


Beware Big Promises!


Whether it’s the use of this software or some other online, get rich, quick scheme, being outlined on, YouTube, odds are better than good that you’re never going to make money the way they are telling you. Mostly because they omit a lot of important information, and the object of the video is more towards getting views, and making money with YouTube, or because they really wanna lead you into buying something else, that you realize you’re going to need if you’re going to use their system or software.


Any real affiliate marketer worth his salt will tell you that you won’t be making money for the first 90 days no matter what your approach, what was GSA, users tend to get sales, even when they’re still floundering a bit with the operational mechanics of the software, and the use of proxies.


And if you have a new website or service, utilizing AI or some form of SaaS with services that website owners can broadly utilize or plug into, you’ve got a winning formula with this approach, and allows a lot of websites to glean and gain new business before they can actually achieve any kind of results on Google, just due to the fact that they are simply operating under a brand new domain name.


Now, I don’t discourage people from doing marketing but encourage them to keep in mind that it has to be the right product to try to knock on somebody’s website door through their contact form.


No diet products! No bitcoin, or get rich schemes! Stick to solid products that have a broad appeal and provide a purpose.


Learning through affiliate, marketing is also a good way to get started to learn the ins and outs of the set up and how you will want to do a differently for your own sites and services, versus doing it for others, or as an affiliate marketer.


In closing


There’s a lot of get rich schemes out there and many of them are presented with viable products like GSA, but understanding the realities and the requirements to run a successful system. Consistently on a daily basis takes time and commitment. GSA is not a hard software to master, but the minutia of doing a good sales approach and campaign, both with the software and beyond. Affiliate marketers that set up their own funnels and engage the sale even further beyond the actual click response from a contact form submission, is going to bring a higher success rate. Everything is what you make of it, but there is no one button get rich solution but if you want a solid way to learn a new skill and make money, with the potential of big success, the GSA website contact is the way to go.


Dominick Gentile


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