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May 2024 has been DELAYED!



Subscribers, due to an issue with GSA website contacts ability to successfully export successfully checked lists has caused the problem in my ability to retrieve my lists. I have more than enough for everyone to post but I can't get them out of the software until they complete another update. With a little luck we will have that in the next day or so. (05.22.24). 



Posted Botmaster Labs XEvil 6.0 Update

Dear users,

Today was uploaded update of XEvil 6.0 [Beta-60] – for hCaptcha, FunCaptcha and some of simple captcha.

Attention: Some types of FunCaptcha (“orbit_match_games” etc.) are often changing, sometimes several times per day. If you are working with this type of captcha we recommend to install and use this update.

List of improvements and changes in XEvil 6.0 [Beta-60]

+ updated neural network and script for hCaptcha solving
+ Added notification system about of release of updates with patch download option. In future plans to workout it.
+ complemented \Modules\x64\funcap\tasks_shortener.csv
+ trained new neural network for simple captcha:

• gos2024
• bidencash
• crbot
• taxi

+ retained FunCaptcha types:

• orbit_match_game
• diceico
• conveyor
• rotated
• icon_connect
• three_objects

+ New FunCaptcha types:

• lumber_length_game
• claw_machine

Before update it’s necessary to RESTART PC! Disable antivirus/firewall.


Update option 1: Using installer from your download area. Before install delete previous version of XEvil 6.0 Beta from your PC

Update option 2: You can use XEvil 6.0 [Beta-60] – update patch . Unpack it over existing version of XEvil 6.0 beta from your PC with full replace of files.