Let’s Talk Back-linking

by | Nov 28, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

In the world of SEO, back linking is a critical process, but what’s it all about? 


What is a backlink?

Well, in its simplest form, it is simply a link to your website, from another website, forums, Guest post, blog, or social media platforms. 


The manual process

Many web developers and SEL experts will take the time to do research to painstakingly find good websites of high ranking value to be able to create a backlink, and often this process requires a swap of links between your website and the source website for which you wish a backlink. This is a painfully arduous process, and an individual can spend hundreds of hours just to acquire a few decent back links.


Paid backlink

Some websites with higher ranking domain authority, offer to provide a back link to your website for a fee. This can be very expensive averaging from $30-$100 for a single link. This is also for keyword bidding by Google, and anyone that engages in this, could be penalized by Google. Although it is a bit difficult for them to discern this, it’s still a  risky proposition when you consider how much a back link may cost.


Automation of backlinks

Some SEO pros and especially affiliate marketers, utilize software like GSA search engine Ranker, money robot, and SEO autopilot. 

When utilizing these software programs, the process is a little different for obtaining a back link in a more traditional sense, because what you’re doing is creating posts for various platforms. Mostly web 2.0 blogs, but depending on the software, the number of potential resources can be considerably larger when you can include forums, micro blogs, guestbook, guest posting, and a variety of social media resources that can also be integrated, while embedding the link back to your resource or what is referred to as the money site.

When utilizing the more advanced software’s like GSA search engine rancor, and Xrumor, there’s a whole Nother dimension of resources available that the software‘s are capable of actually going out and finding based on criteria that you give them. They will crawl search engines and databases around the world and all of this is highly configurable. In addition, SER lists can be purchased from various sources to save time, but inherent with all of these more powerful systems is the danger of doing harm to your presence.


Too much too fast

In most cases, new users cause harm to their domain ranking by making a number of critical mistakes.

They link directly to the main URL, rather than a page for which the topic of the campaign should fit.

They create very poor campaigns. AI driven content creation tools and software‘s can be utilized to create high-quality content, but all too often marketers over generate a poor level of articles that don’t really have a solid long-term effect that are easily identified as spamming the various websites platforms.

The third and biggest most damaging mistake is to overproduce back links at a higher rate in a short period of time. Google cannot read, but it isn’t stupid and the other search engines like Bing and yeah who are also capable of recognizing that too many resources have been attributed to a single resource in too short a period of time. Something that is logistically impossible to occur naturally and is easily flagged by their systems incurring penalties for the would be marketer.

Softwares like Money Robot, Ranker X, and SEO auto pilot Provide the lists and update them for the uses of the software, however GSA search engine rancor and ex rumor are members of  a different class. These two particular software’s are much more powerful because they can actually go out and crawl for sites to post, and then this process help you to build your own lists. 

But as I said earlier, with great power comes great responsibility and the software is could easily get you posted onto potentially dangerous platforms that simply look to infect users with malware. 

Quantity without quality, will yield no long-term results and can only contribute to long-term setbacks. You don’t have to achieve postings on a website or form with a PR value of 10, and you can be on plenty of platforms that have a PR value of only 1, but ultimately they may never do anything to help you if they aren’t indexed at some point and the lower the PR value, the less likely they will be indexed without assistance.

In my latest video I go through some of the finer points so you can gain some understanding into the processes and key differences between the various softwares, hopefully help you to identify what platform is the best for your needs and ambitions.