Is Money Robot still a Good Product for Back linking?

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This is a question I get all the time on my YouTube channel and in my discord community. You can’t blame people for wondering if a product called “money robot” still has value, when the name almost seems to suggest that it’s a little fishy.


I wish they would change the name of the software, but probably it’s best for me as it seems to steer more people away from this solution then towards it. But everything is not in the name or what might seem like simplicity of use when it comes to back linking.


Now creating backlinks is really a process of creating high-quality posts that have keywords and topics focused at the website or target URL that you want to drive rank too.


Google doesn’t rank pages by number because that doesn’t make sense, but it does rank them by keyword and that is where we want to put our emphasis in this process.


That being said, money robot offers what seems to be a solution that’s too easy, and if you simply follow basic guidelines that are really designed just to get you familiar with the software and not really how to do a campaign, most people wind up getting in trouble.


Why is that?


In this day of AI, especially, you can’t expect the software to create the quality content required to rank just by giving it a list of keywords. It is not ChatGPT, what we do so we can capitalize on its very powerful features. You also can’t expect to do a good campaign with a single post without really understanding the specifics of that post, (even though it contains spintax and will be relatively unique) that it may be enough to build rank. The truth is, you have to really mix up a lot of other metrics to make a single post work and not run too large a diagram. 


But we can strengthen that single post by using lots of keywords to generate our titles while we may only use a small range of keywords for the actual posting campaign. Then we augment that with sufficient images and videos integrated randomly, but sometimes this simply is not enough.


Now every other type of back linking software is different in that it can either post multiple posts at once and handle that in a single campaign, or it has expanded platforms or more types of platforms to post to.


But what most people fail to recognize is that money robot has this power too. Money robot has the ability to load articles from a folder and that means you can load as many as you want. And now when you start to load lots of articles, and I suggest between 10 and 12, but you can even go beyond that, then you really turn money robot into a much more powerful platform because the object of the game is to diversify your posts sufficiently that they appear unique to each other and not like a series of spamming post that are easily detected.


The key to everything when it comes to banking is understanding your metrics. Do you want high diversity of posts but you may not want to hide diversity of keywords. Oftentimes you want them focused on a tight range so that all the backlinks will register their ranking factor for keyword Will be much more unique with a large range of title changes, multiple articles, large numbers of images, and YouTube videos, inserted into the post that make them all appear different.


Another thing is also understanding the diagram and I’ve done several videos on money robot attempting to progress your understanding of how to use it because this software is no different than any other. You must learn how to use it and think outside the box to get the maximum value.


Generally fail with the software fail to understand the minutiae of diversity and putting the time to make quality content because that you’re just posting some text with some other text and some links and it all looks the same, and it’s easily detected because the social signals that it tends to send along with its ranking factors don’t make sense to any other search engine.


High numbers and high volume does not mean high ranking and learning to analyze the ecosystem that you compete in and to grow into it naturally. Of course we want to accelerate this, but not so fast that it triggers a red flag because nobody subtly gets 100,000 backs overnight, but you could develop a steady monthly flow of 25,000 back all the other signals that reinforced that is natural activity and diversity of content while having its keyword rankings still being focused is what brings the big success at the end of the day.


In this most recent video I made I take you into one of the most powerful features of my robot and that’s its ability to use multiple articles. And when you combine many of the approaches and techniques I’ve outlined from previous videos, you’ll see how powerful this software can really be.


Money robot is not the only tool in my arsenal as I run a range of software and demonstrate on my YouTube channel, however, this software is one of my backbone components and is constantly running on multiple systems in my office because there are always arrange of campaigns that I’m gonna be able to Utilize this software to help my clients maintain positions for particular keywords in the search results. Especially the larger clients.


It’s important to understand that the secret is not in any software, but it’s in the quality of your campaign and the logistics that you employ, and most importantly how well you’re able to do it in a way that makes your post very well diversified.


But because I recognize that it really takes time for people to understand and learn the different approaches. I’ve tried to do multiple videos and now I’ll be making new tools available for my community offering money robot diagrams that I use very successfully to take my clients back linking to the next level.


In addition, I’ll be launching the release of my new video training course for money robot where I’ll cover all of the details and approaches that I utilize in campaign creation. It’s a jam packed video that will cover everything from how to create a good campaign, diversify it successfully, and how to use different approaches for different purposes, as well as learning how to create your own diagrams, because in the end, that’s the final frontier. When you really have the mastery over this software to sit down and create a super campaign in about 30 minutes and then you can really design it and make it much more effective with the right type of diagram, he really no end to that your ability to influence things for your keywords and ranging and help maintain that month-to-month.


So, is money robot still a worthwhile product? 


You better believe it! I own four licenses, which gives me the ability to run 8 copies, and I am almost always running them all at the same time because I have lots of work to produce back links at the level that money robot produces. I also use it For ranking my YouTube videos in the search and I’m finding new ways to send signals from the other types of money robot post types, however it’s blog type is the most valuable and the highest DR values available creating your campaigns.


The software is still great, it’s the knowledge of how to use it that has been lost, and more importantly has changed really in how we need to approach creating campaigns and that’s why I really try to emphasize in the videos.


Hope you guys enjoy this video and stop back to see the new additions that will be launching this week that will help make your life easier when creating campaigns and learning how to do successful back linking.



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