GPTs for Open AI's Chat GPT Have Arrived!

Our New GPT's for SEO Marketing, Content Creation, and Backlinking Tools


Now you can leverage the power of customized GPT's to enhance your workflow productivity.
Here at Dark marketing, we use and develop these GPT's for our own use and our clients, so they are constantly being improved upon, so you'll have the latest and best functionality to date.

Chat CGT 4


SPINTAX MASTER GPT contains one of the largest thesaurus available to provide maximum spintax, without changing the meaning of your content.


  • Large Thesaurus
  • Add protected Keywords Feature
  • Updated Daily/Weekly
  • FREE


Spintax Master


$30 USD

Optimize Your Product Pages GPT for Shopify.

Supply 3 Keyword phrases and the URL of the product page you want to optimise and the Shopify GPT will re-write your:


  • Page Title (H1 Tag that appears on the product page).
  • Page Content with Heading Tags and Bullet Points.
  • Meta Title (The 3 Keyword Supplied Phrases)
  • Meta Description Optimsed for the Keywords and exising content.

Shopurfy alows you to quickly re-write highly optimised content and meta infromation for your product pages potentially saving hundreds of hours ofcopywriting manually. 

Shopify is also e-usable because pages need to be updated from time to time to accomodate algorithym changes which is why Shopurfy is a must have tool!

Shopurfy is regularly updated and under constant development and improvement.

Available for Purcase soon!

Please check back in a few hours.